Chemicals have been found in the salt being sold under the scheme for a low price to the poor. The incident came to the fore at Kamalanagar fair price shop near Basaveshwar Nagar.


People of Kamalanagar are complaining of rice turning poisonous after putting the salt.



There was no problem in the salt distributed in the month of October. But many people have found chemical essence in the salt being distributed in the month of November.


Usually salt dissolves in the water. But this salt from the Annabhagya Scheme sticks to the fingers and does not dissolve. This has led to doubts if the plastic is mixed with the salt.


Similar complaints have been received from Sivamogga too. The rice in Shivamogga too has turned blue with the pinch of salt.


People have expressed concerns about taking any material including rice from the Annabhagya Scheme.


The scheme introduced o provide basic food items like rice, grains, wheat, ragi and salt for a minimum price to the poor might be an utter failure if the government does not take steps to distribute quality food items.