In October 2009, Maldivian cabinet held an underwater meeting to highlight the impact of climate change. Taking inspiration from Maldives, a group of corporate honchos held a 20-minute long conference six metres under water at off Kovalam coast in Thiruvananthapuram on Monday and signed an agreement to do their bit to save ocean from pollution.  

 The underwater CEO conference- Ocean Love- was held 50 metres off the Groove Beach in Kovalam. A special conference table had been set on the ocean bed six metres under water. The CEOs, clad in scuba gears, spend 20 minutes under water and signed the document in which they pledged to take initiatives to save the ocean from plastic, solid and liquid waste and pollutants and to spread awareness on oceanic pollution.

The participants used placards to communicate during the conference. The CEOs took the pledge to love ocean and not to pollute it.  Five corporate CEOs participated in the symbolic event to highlight oceanic pollution.


As a first step, Beach and Marine Environment Protection Club would be formed with the participation of hotels, resorts and business establishments on the South Indian coast with an aim to reduce litter and pollution of beaches and sea bed. The CEOs conference also took the resolve to implement programmes for the routine cleaning of beaches in association with various agencies and institutions.  Awareness campaigns against pollution would also be taken up by the club. 

Hema Menon, CEO of UST Global, Raja Gopal Iyer of Udaya Samudra Group of Hotels, Dinesh P Thampi of TCS, Shyam Kumar of Neologix and Rony Thomas of Avon Mobility Solutions participated in the underwater CEO conference.