American tennis powerhouse Serena Williams has a ration card in her name at Venginikkara in Edappal in Kerala! 


Serena, wife of Thalasserikkara  Aboobacker, from Edappal in  Malappuram district, was surprised to see her new ration card online. The Civil Supplies Authorities have bestowed her with the last name 'Williams!'  


Another family member of Serena also got the name wrong in the ration card. Now, Serena from Edappal will be seen standing in the queue to get her name corrected in the ration card. 


After the draft list of priority and non-priority ration cards were published recently, complaints are piling up before the Civil Supplies authorities in Kerala. Civil Supplies offices and Taluk offices where the public can register their grievances regarding anomalies in ration card witnessed huge crowds as women thronged to get the errors corrected. 


The State Civil Supplies Department has received 12,57,717 complaints related to ration cards and the new list of priority and non-priority beneficiaries when after the deadline for registering complaints on 5 November. 


The Congress and the BJP in the state had taken up the problems in the ration card renewal as a political issue and blamed the state government. The BJP even started a help-desk in Kasargod to help people get their ration card details corrected. The public can also apply online to rectify the mistakes in the card. But a good number of ration beneficiaries are not internet savvy and prefers to get it corrected manually at the offices concerned.