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₹500 crore worth horns of antelopes and elephant tusks recovered

  • Police were shocked to find such a huge stock of horns of various wild animals, shells of penguins and elephant tusks.
  • The accused is said to have spread a rumour that the premises were haunted, keeping people at bay from the area.
Rs 500 crore worth horns of antelopes and elephant tusks recovered
Bengaluru, First Published Oct 12, 2016, 11:50 AM IST

The accused Salim Chamdewale, a resident of Kotwalgalli in Belagavi is the accused who has been arrested in this connection. He was said to be involved in leather business earlier.


He was illegally collecting horns, tusks, nails of endangered species and exporting them to China, UAE, Vietnam countries where they were in high demand, the police said.


Police were bewildered to find a huge stock of horns of various wild animals, shells of penguins, elephant tusks in the house of accused and he had even made preparations for their export through Mumbai and Goa, it is learnt.


Neatly Managed Affair: The accused, Salim and his family was residing in the first floor of the building while his illegal activities were being carried out in the ground floor. To facilitate his illegal activities, the house owner had devised the entrance in such way that none can be suspicious about the activities in the house. Moreover, the main entrance of the ground floor house was always locked.


Interestingly, small access door for the ground floor house was situated below the staircase that led to first floor and this access door was said to have become handy for the culprits to carry their activities that nobody noticed. Moreover, the horns were stashed in such way that they resembled a ‘heap of firewood’ and people tend to ignore.


A Haunted House: The accused is said to have carefully spread a rumour in the locality where he is residing – ‘the building being haunted by evil spirits’ and eventually, people preferred not to go near the building – and this rumour thus spread, had become a blessing in disguise for the accused, Salim Saudagar alias Chamdewale to do illegal trade of cited items.


Had permission? As per one version, Salim’s father, Sher Khan was given license to procure and trade in these items 18 years ago. The said license was given in the name of Sher Khan Mohamadiya Khan Saudagar of Khanjargalli, Belagavi (formerly Belgaum).


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