For a good majority of Keralites, Cuba is the alter ego of their motherland, the promised land of revolutionaries. And Fidel Castro, the Messiah of the comrades. 


Predictably enough, Keralites were outraged when US President-elect Donald J Trump termed the deceased Cuban leader as a 'brutal dictator.' 


Hurt by the blasphemy, Keralites gave a dressing down to the Republican and spammed his Facebook post with comments praising Cuban revolutionary who braved the US supremacy and survived hundreds of attempts on his life. 

Keralites vent their ire in the comment box of Trump's Facebook post on Castro. Some used the choicest abuse in Malayalam while some others took pains to give the Republican a study class on Comrade Castro, that too in Malayalam!




As the Trump-bashing in Malayalam trended, some netizens provided a translation of the cuss words used in the comments so that the American leader could make sense of the abuses. 



One of them demanded an apology from Trump for denigrating the Cuban."Don't think that you could sit comfortably in the seat of the President, without apologising for your comment on Castro. We'll pester you until you resign,"