Just after he was caught in connection with the murder of his parents, sister and an elderly relative at his home in Nandancode last week, Jeanson Kedal, the lone suspect in the case, told police he did it for Satan. He was trying to experiment with 'astral projection,' and release the soul of his victims. 


The investigators were not ready to take his version at face value.  Detailed interrogation, held in the presence of psychologists, brought out the blood cuddling story of meticulous planning behind the parricides. The Satan worship reference was only a ploy to distract the investigators, the police believe.

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Jeanson Kedal Jeanson Kedal in police custody

The grilling revealed that Jeanson had planned the murders much in advance. He told police that he had nursed a grudge towards parents since childhood after they neglected him. He had a strong feeling that his parents were favouring his sister Caroline. The family put lot of mental pressure on him over his studies. The sense of neglect grew after he could not complete his MBBS degree from Philipines. The vengeance towards father grew stronger and he decided to kill him first. It was later he thought of killing the whole family.

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According to police, Jeanson chalked out the murder plan three months back. He had planned it in every detail. Even after the execution on last Wednesday, he behaved normal. He used to buy food for his parents even after he killed them. He had stocked petrol in advance and bought the axe online weeks before.


The suspect will be produced before the court today and the investigators are likely to request for his custody. Detailed forensic examination and collection of evidence would be conducted after further interrogation. 


The murder of Dr. Jean Padma, her husband Raj  Thankam,  daughter Caroline and relative Lalitha came to light when the police searched her residence early morning on Sunday after neighbours notice fire and smoke coming out from the house. The police found three burnt dead bodies and another body chopped into pieces in a sack. The retired doctor’s son Jeanson Kedal was missing. He landed in police custody on Monday night.

In the initial interrogation, he told police that he was trying to experiment with astral projection. But the police had doubts about the motive behind the murders.