Many times, the lack of suitable evidence causes cases to be nullified in courts of law, freeing the accused.


To check such instances, the Karnataka Home department will initiate special scientific teams to assist the Police in their investigations process. Such teams are planned for all 30 districts.


The special team will play a vital role in collecting evidence like the death note, blood samples, hair, nail, bone, urine, blood stains on clothes, knife and other such weapons found at the site.


The teams will require the appointment of 248 scientists


The Home department reportedly has already given its nod and only a formal notification to this effect is pending, Home Ministry sources said.


The team would comprise a senior Scientist, two junior Scientists and one assistant per official team. This team will visit crime scenes and accumulate evidence in connection with the crime.


The teams will also guide the police as to what kinds of evidence have be collected, the method of collection and its transportation to forensic laboratories, etc.


Earlier, scientific centers were located in Bengaluru, Mysore, Davangere, Mangalore and Kalburgi and these centers were providing scientific assistance in their jurisdiction only. Thus their scope of activity was limited to only these places.