Five days after calling off his protest demanding justice for his brother who died in police custody, Kerala youth Sreejith re-launched his agitation, alleging a conspiracy against him hatched by the police.

Watch the video here:

Sreejith, in a selfie video, claimed he had called off the protest temporarily because he was facing health issues. He also said some persons, who joined his protest as part of a social media collective, collected funds in his name without his knowledge.

Sreejith's initial 782-day protest had gained massive support towards its final leg, with both celebrities and general public pitching in, eventually leading to the Chief Minister meeting him. However, once he ended the protest after appearing before the CBI and getting his statement recorded, the general consensus was that he got justice.

Which is probably why his return to protesting has not been welcomed the same way by both the celebs or the public. His revelation that the fund collection was done without his knowledge has also not helped the issue. With CBI taking charge, shouldn't Sreejith wait to analyse how the investigation proceeds, so that his second stir has a strong backing with facts?

We, at Asianet Newsbale, sincerely hope Sreejith gets justice. But we also want the young man to be careful about trusting the people and organisations who have rallied around him so that the public would not be dubious about supporting him.