Ever since the BJP candidate in Malappuram Lok Sabha by-election Sree Prakash created confusion in the saffron camp through his 'halal meat' statement, the state party leadership has been defensive in the beef controversy. But, K Surendran, the state BJP general secretary, swung the party back to its earlier position and went a step further to warn that his party would not allow cow slaughter in the state.


"Not a single cow will  be allowed to be killed anywhere in the state," Surendran said during an election programme of a television channel. "Dare any one kill cow here," he challenged. He also denied allegations that the BJP was taking a dual stand in the beef controversy when it comes to Kerala.


Sree Prakash, the BJP candidate in Malappuram, had invited criticism within the party for supporting beef eating. What is wrong in eating the food one likes, he responded to a question on beef ban controversy. He stated that the BJP was not against beef. Its opposition was on eating meat of dead animals. The BJP leader had also promised to start Halal meat stalls in the constituency if elected.