Here are some 6 cases where digital proof became their undoing



Nityananda-Ranjita: Self-proclaimed Guru Swamy Nityananda disrupted the nation when his CD was released in 2010. His personal driver Lenin had taken video footages of the Swamy having sex with actress Ranjitha in his Bidadi Ashram. The duration of the video clip was for around 30 minutes. This incident damaged the charisma of the long-haired ever-smiling Guru to a large extent and made him to hastily escape to the Himalayas. When Nityananda returned he had to face trials in the court for years. Even today the cases against him are ongoing.

Renukacharya: Apart from CDs, photographs created a lot of commotion in the state. In 2009 Jayalakshmi, a nurse at the Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru had filed a complaint alleging that former BJP MLA Renukacharya had sexually harassed her besides threatening her with a pistol. Jayalakshmi had also released some indecent photographs to the media. But somehow the issue was dropped by the mediation of some members of the Saffron brigade.

Haratalu Halappa scandal: It was alleged that BJP Leader and former state Food and Civil Supplies minister Haratalu Halappa raped his own friend’s wife in 2012 when he was a minister in the Yeddyurappa government. The husband of the victim released a video of the said incident to the media. The incident was closed after Halappa’s resignation from his ministerial position.

Ramdas and Premakumari: A woman called  Premakumari alleged that BJP Leader Ramdas had cheated her after having an affair over five years with the assurance of marriage. She had released a video clip of the incident also in 2014, in which Ramdas was having discussion on marriage with Premakumari. After the release of the video Ramdas tried to commit suicide. Immediately he was admitted to Apollo BGS Hospital. He recovered after the treatment.

Anupama Shenoy incident: Kudligi DySP Anupama Shenoy resigned from her post in the month of June 2016 and waged a legal battle against the then Labour Minister PT Parameshwara Nayak. She informed the media that she had all the documentary evidence including audio clips which would reveal the corruption of the minister. However, she did not release any document or audio clip. Of course, she released an audio clip in which the minister scolds her for not obeying the order. This clip was enough to make  Parameshwara Naik to resign from his position.

Rishikumara Swamy: Rishikumara Swamy, the pontiff of Kali Matha, had to resign from his position after the release of an audio clip in 2012. The audio clip contained his conversation with a man who was alleged to be a representative of Nityananda. During the discussion he says to the man that all the pontiffs of Karnataka are in his hands and also demands huge amount of money and a Fortuner car from the representative of Nityananda.

Note for Vote: HD Kumaraswamy, JDS leader was caught on tape asking for ₹ 40 crore from an MLC aspirant who sought his party’s support to the MLC elections in 2014. The audio clip of the conversation between Kumaraswamy and the aspirant from Bijapur, Vijaygouda Patil, was anonymously released to the media. Reacting to this Kumaraswamy had said that this is the bitter truth of present-day politics. In order to divert the issue Kumaraswamy said that he has an audio clip of Janardhana Reddy and he’s going to release it soon. But he never released that CD.