How important is it for men to be feminists? Very important. And Abhishek Mande seems to know that very well. This Mumbaikar’s ethos, defined by women’s rights, impelled him to take a route that so few men have traversed through.

Mande took on his wife’s surname after he tied the knot. Now, he’s no longer known by the name passed on by his father. His official name reads as Abhishek Bhot after his wife, Kermin’s family name.

If you thought that is a bit strange, then wait until you read the rest of their love story. It’s equally unique. Abhishek’s wife Kermin earns more and is much older. Normally, these distinctions make a man nervous and insecure but that isn’t true for Abhishek.

In an interview with Yahoo, Kermin said her husband is a true feminist. Part of this is because he grew up being surrounded by strong women. She said that she’s never needed a knight in shining armour to rescue her. Instead, she wanted someone with whom she could share her core ideas and beliefs and along the way, she found Abhishek.

It’s not just the couple’s ideas which are similar, their families seem to be united by the same ethos as well. When Abhishek told his father that he’s going to adopt his wife’s surname, there wasn’t a fight or a furore. Kermin’s father-in-law responded with an “okay” and asked how Abhishek would go ahead with the process.

Abhishek and Kermin’s love story is refreshing in a country where women are forced to change their maiden name and even the name they are christened with.  To be honest, Abhishek is a shining example of a feminist who believes that marriage, above all, is a symbiotic relationship where two people learn, adapt and take on new traits from their partner. In Abhishek’s case, he took a new name and that doesn’t make him less masculine. It makes him a respectful human being. After all, as Shakespeare once said, “A rose by another name would smell as sweet.”