Asianet News Network has partnered with Eastern Condiments on a brand new initiative called 'Pink Heroes' as part of their much-acclaimed Pink Samaritan campaign. 

Pink Heroes celebrates men who’ve played an active role as enablers for causes pertaining to women – either as independent individuals or as individuals in institutions. Hosting an evening at the Chancery Hotel in Bengaluru on Tuesday, team Asianet and team Eastern came together on a show of male solidarity with causes pertaining to women.

The evening’s core agenda was honouring three illustrious gentlemen for their work on causes and spaces related to women:

  • Vijay Anand - SVP, Global Development Centers, Intuit for being the best corporate citizen for women – a direct association to their recent acclaim as #1 amongst India’s Best Companies to work for by Great Place To Work Institute.
Vijay Anand - SVP Intuit on winning the Pink Hero 2017 Award in the Corporate category
  • MG Nagendra Kumar - DCP, Bengaluru City Police and Head of the Bengaluru City Police Command Center for his leadership in the  creation of the Suraksha App and the Pink Hoysala implementation.
MG Nagendra Kumar - DCP Bangalore City Police on winning the Pink Hero 2017 Award
  • Nishith Rastogi - Founder and CEO, for creating the Ride Safe App that makes women feel safer.
Nishith Rastogi (R) - the man behind the RideSafe App and winner of the Pink Hero 2017 in the individual category

The evening also included an enriching panel discussion on the topic “He’s For She’s” with Harish Bijoor – Brand Guru; Prasad Bidappa – Fashion Impressario; Vijay Anand – SVP Intuit; and Sridhar Pabbisetty– CEO Namma Bengaluru Foundation. Moderating the session was Indusekhar Chandrasekhar – CMO Asianet News Media and Entertainment.

(Left to Right) Vijay Anand - SVP Intuit, Harish Bijoor-Brand Guru, Sridhar Pabbisetty-CEO Namma Bengaluru Foundation, Prasad Bidappa-Fashion Impressario and Indusekhar- CMO-Asianet News Media


The discussion panned topics ranging from Harish Bijoor’s relatively radical but rather obvious plea to have two women players from the upcoming editions of IPL to Prasad Bidappa’s praise for the city of Bengaluru being fundamentally oriented to safety but compromised in recent times; from Sridhar Pabbisetty’s narrative of the need for the society to come together in cultural transformation to Vijay Anand’s call for affirmative call-outs on negative stereotypes or inappropriateness in workplaces – a rich dialogue that had a team of illustrious men talk about the role that men have to play to make the world better for women.

Mohanlal Menon - Director-Eastern Condiments on the Eastern story
Firoz Meeran - MD Eastern Condiments complimenting Asianet News Network on the initiative

“Eastern prides itself in being a brand that stands with and for women. The Pink Heroes recognition to these wonderful individuals is a reflection of our belief that every individual in a community has a responsibility to engage in initiatives that make a positive difference,” said Firoz Meeran, Managing Director – Eastern Condiments.

Indusekhar Chandrasekhar - CMO Asianet News Media and Entertainment and the architect of the Pink Samaritan program ushering the evening


“Pink Heroes celebrates the best amongst equals in an unequal world – those men who’ve raised the bar on supporting causes pertaining to women. As a responsible media brand, an association with Brands like Eastern, who embrace positive social change is always a win-win equation,” pointed out Indusekhar Chandrasekhar, Chief Marketing Officer – Asianet News Media and Entertainment.

Anoop N - COO Asianet News Digital wrapping up the evening and expressing the network's continued commitment to the cause


“Every News Media owes it to itself and to the world to create positive stereotypes. With Pink Samaritan’s Pink Heroes,we at Asianet News Network have activated our Digital Platform for the last six months, continuously created content and perspective enabling and encouraging this consciousness,” said Anoop N, Chief Operating Officer, Digital - Asianet News Media and Entertainment.