A 5-year initiative, ‘Blank Noise’ was kick started this Saturday in the Garden city, Bengaluru, by a group of women who decided to be a voice, be a helping hand and be a force against sexual violence.

In a small corner in Cubbon park, a few women gathered together, all in an attempt to hear out anyone who had ever been sexually violated. The discussion began with a warm note, led by a woman who let every participant know that they were not alone and that they never would be. 

A mic was passed around to each person who wished to lessen their baggage and speak up about their torturous experiences. There was a definite awkward hollow silence, which was quick to break after the first woman expressed her situation. The warmth grew as every participant realised the connect each of them had. Call it unfortunate or call it a way of nature bringing all these women together, who had crossed similar paths, at some point of their lives. A common factor among most outcries were of confusion about why they were subjected to such torture and a feeling of betrayal that had sunk in after the incident, leaving an impact on the victims. 

After every experience was shared, every participant was asked to echo a thought or feeling that they too connected with and the echoes seemed limitless. The emotional, but comforting session came to an end, with the leader of Blank Noise getting everyone up on their feet and taking a walk around, to perhaps take in what had just happened. While several women still continue to live with the fear of being outraged at any moment in their life, what this group aims to change is to let each woman know that they aren't alone in this fight towards freedom and perhaps together they will work towards a day where no woman would be in fear again.