Technically, most persons do the same, positioned at a desk with tasks piling up one after another, as we clock in our eight hours of job. But, this 26-year-old girl is getting a monthly salary of 56,000 rubles ($1,000) for just sitting on different sofas for 10 hours a day. 

Yes, you heard it right. This young woman has grabbed a dream job that pays her for trying the comfort and safety and sofa. Russian furniture giant MZ5 Group has appointed her as their sofa tester. 

Though every product is checked in a laboratory, the management decided to get the feedback from a real life user who could analyse the furniture by feeling it. Anna Cherdantseva was selected from among 5,000 applicants. 

"Candidates had to go through several stages. We checked the resumes and asked them why they want the job. We were searching for someone who could spend most of their lying or sitting on the sofa," MZ5 spokesperson said. 

Eventually, seven candidates were shortlisted, and of that Cherdantseva, a marketing expert was chosen. "There was extreme competition. It was a real fight. I got a lot of ideas to improve the comfort and safety of sofas, Cherdantseva said. 

The woman is currently on a three-month probation, and the company is planning to offer a permanent position to her. 

It's not so bad to get paid for literally sitting on the job.