Bengaluru: Taxi-hailing app Uber has grabbed headlines for wrong reasons. A Bengaluru woman has claimed that she had a “traumatic experience” during an Uber ride in the city. The Uber driver allegedly told the woman to get out of the cab otherwise he would tear her clothes.

Bengaluru’s Aparna Balachander took to Twitter to share her experience. She tweeted the incident and details of her shocking ride, describing it as “most traumatising experience” of her life.

“Hi guys, I need you all to take a minute and read my traumatic experience with the cab driver while taking an Uber cab tonight! Help me spread more caution and awareness among women so that they don't go through what I did!"

She wrote, “Today, I had the most traumatising experience of my life. I got into an Uber cab after dinner with my colleagues. The cab driver was telling his friend on phone about customers being very bad. Suddenly, he turned to me and told me that as an educated woman I should leave work before 7 pm and not go out drinking with colleagues (sic)."

In her post, she also wrote her response to the driver: “I told him I didn't drink and asked him to mind his own business. He went on to call me a slut and also to say things like I can't even be his keep who cleans his shoes. At this point, he started slowing down the cab and I got extremely scared. I pressed the 'safety' button on Uber. Instead of calling me, they called the cab driver and he started telling the customer care person that 'I am extremely drunk.'"