The state-owned corporation KSRTC needs to be exempted from hartals' says Chairman Thachankary

news/kerala | 11 May 2018 1:24 PM (UTC)
Roshini Jacob

KSRTC which is reeling under severe crisis seeks redemption by being declared an essential service


Chairman & Managing Director of KSRTC, Tomin J Thachankary has requested the government to declare KSRTC as an essential service and to exempt it from “frequent hartals” as the state-owned transportation was already in loss. Thachankary wanted an all-party meet to be convened that would ensure the exemption of KSRTC buses during hartals as frequent trips getting called off affected the bus service and even if the buses didn't ply, they would be hurled stones at, thus damaging it. 

At a time when the corporation was trying to make its services viable, hindrances in the same were hurting the pocket and Thachankary has requested that like hospitals, milk supply and newspaper, KSRTC to be made an essential service and exempted from hartals. 

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