Nipah virus broke out recently with the first case being reported from the Perabra district in Kerala. 


The Kerala Husbandry Animal Department has been continuously asked one concerning question, that is if the Nipah virus can spread while consuming eggs and milk or not. The answer to that question is an affirming no. The officials have said, "You can eat eggs and milk as the virus has not been detected in any animal in the state as of yet." Pigs, rabbits and goats in the Nipah affected areas in Kerala have been reported safe and animal to animal spreading of the virus has not yet been detected. 


In 1999, Nipah virus had affected pigs in Malaysia. The Kerala Animal Husbandry Department has reported that the Nipah Virus infection has never been confirmed among pigs anywhere in the world. 


A team led by Dr Kulkarni from the National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases have conducted tests on blood and body fluid samples of small bats and have sent it for analysis. The results for which will be announced soon.