Migrants who fail to follow the procedures to regulate their legal status in Saudi Arabia or do not leave the Kingdom before amnesty period will have to face huge fines, head of Passports has warned that foreigners who fail to comply with the rule will have to face fines ranging from 15,000 Saudi riyals to 100, 000 riyals. 

Saudi authorities have granted 90 day amnesty period during which people can leave the country without any legal hassles. Those without proper documents should make use of this chance to regulate their status as the authorities might not give another chance, Sulaiman Al Yahya, director-general of Saudi Arabia’s passports department said. He also added that the government won't be lenient towards violators.

Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef had announced 90 day period, allowing violators to regulate their status, by which they would get an exemption from fines or fingerprint.

Usually, those staying in the country without proper documents are barred from re-entering the country and authorities usually fingerprint them. Those who leave the Kingdom under the scheme will get a chance to return to the country to work legally. 

The 90 day amnesty period begins on March 29 and the campaign is named 'Nation Free of Violators.'