Bengaluru: The Congress-JD(S) government that has been sailing on shaky waters since the resignation of 16 MLAs, is all set for the floor test that is scheduled on Thursday (July 18).

The trust vote will take place once the Assembly session starts at 11am on July 18.

In the past two weeks, around 16 MLAs resigned and two other legislators (independent MLA Nagesh and KPJP MLA Shankar) withdrew their support to the Congress.

Karnataka chief minister HD Kumaraswamy stumped all by seeking a trust vote on Friday claiming that his government was stable. The Congress, JD(S) and the BJP sent their MLAs promptly to respective resorts on the outskirts of Bengaluru to keep the members away from any poaching attempt.

Senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah expressed confidence with respect to the upcoming floor test.

Opposition leader, BS Yeddyurappa, in the morning, took steps to move a no-confidence motion by submitting a notice to the Speaker.

After the Business Advisory Committee meeting, the Speaker decided to freeze July 18 as the day for Kumaraswamy to prove his majority.

Meanwhile, the ruling coalition has been making desperate attempts to lure the rebels back into their fold.

The coalition currently has 118 members. But if the resignations are accepted, the number drops to 100 and the total members in the House would stand at 208 (including the independent MLA and KPJP MLA). The majority will then stand at 105.

BJP has 105 members already. Now, with the support of Nagesh and Shankar, the party boasts of 107. 

Speaker Ramesh Kumar has been asked to keep his decision on resignation and disqualification of MLAs on hold by the Supreme Court that will continue the hearing of the case on July 16.