Here are few ideas for meaningful and thoughtful gifts you can give your mother today (May 12) on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Flowers and goodies: Nothing is better than flowers and thoughtful personalised bag of goodies filled with everything your likes it can be her favourite bottle of perfume, bespoke jewellery or even a handloom sari with a handmade card and her favourite chocolates.

High-tech gadgets: Make her life easy by giving her cleaning gadgets that would make her work easier.

Day out with mother: Take your mother shopping and then go on lunch/dinner date with her.

Cosmetics: If your mum loves make-up you can gift her Nykaa and Purple (websites) coupons so that they can buy their favourite make-up products.

Some “Me” time: Pampering is a gift that is never out of style. Give your mom a much needed break from her daily routine by taking her for spa.

For fitness lovers: If your mother is fitness lover get her a gym membership. Cult (fitness centre) has some amazing offers. You can also give her anti-slip yoga mat or self-roll mat if she loves yoga.

Spend time with your Mom: Nothing will make a mother happy than you spending some good quality time with your mother. Go on a date with her make reservation in her favourite restaurant.