Bengaluru:  A gym instructor in Doddaballapura was arrested for raping and cheating a girl just as he was getting ready to marry another girl.

The accused was identified as Goutham DR (31). He was a gym instructor and owner of a gym. He resided on Court Road in Doddaballapura near Bengaluru.

The victim, a 24-year-old accountant had joined Goutham’s Bullet Gym on Court Road last year. Goutham eventually started contacting her. She told him that she had left her husband. Goutham took advantage of this and developed a close relationship with her.

On one occasion, Goutham raped the victim inside his gym and convinced her that he will soon get married to her. He raped her multiple times at different places. He also promised her that they would stay together in his apartment after they get married.

Soon, the victim was pregnant. When Goutham came to know about this, he said they would have children after they get married and asked her to abort the baby.

At the same time, Goutham began meeting another girl belonging to a wealthy family. When the victim spoke to Goutham’s father, Rajanna, about this, he abused her and when she questioned Goutham about her, he convinced her that there was nothing between them.

When the victim knew that Goutham was to tie the knot with the other girl on May 8 and May 9, the victim filed a complaint against him on May 7.

Doddaballapura police arrived at the spot and arrested Goutham and his father Rajanna just when Goutham was ready to tie the knot.