In order to enhance safety and quality of street food, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has decided to ban the use of newspapers for wrapping and packing of food items.


 FSSAI has issued an advisory to commissioners of food safety of all states to take necessary steps to ensure that food is not packed, served or stored in newspapers as the ink can contaminate food items leading to serious health issues.


The FSSAI says older people, children are at a greater risk of acquiring health complications if they are exposed to food packed in such materials.


Printing ink, usually used for newspapers contains hazardous colours, additives and preservatives posing risk to human health, according to the FSSAI advisory. 


Wrapping food in newspapers is a  common practice adopted by road side vendors  bu the unhealthy way is injurious to health, even if the food has been cooked hygienically.