Bengaluru: Many areas in Bengaluru do not have proper footpaths, some are in disrepair and some are occupied by hawkers and vehicles.

Now, Bengaluru traffic police have started a drive to clear the footpaths to make space for pedestrians to walk on. They have reported nearly 4,000 offences in one week.

Additional commissioner of police (traffic) P Harishekharan said between April 23  and April 28, 3,916 traffic offences were booked in Bengaluru, out of which 2,514 were footpath offences.

“Walking on the footpath has always been an issue for pedestrians, as two-wheeler riders consider it their freeway to dodge traffic congestion,” Anjana Mukherjee  told The Times of India.

Urban experts suggest that a zero tolerance policy is required in this case and this violation should come under the Criminal Act and not under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Ashish, a professor at Indian Institute of Science (IISc) suggests that technology can be used to track violators and encroachers. He also adds that vendors should be allowed on footpaths as the pedestrians require them, but they should be controlled.

Harishekharan said police shouldn’t be the only ones getting the blame, but the government organisations can also work out on a solution.

“What we need urgently is the government and city’s think-tanks to sit together and work out on a plan that tackles Bengaluru’s first and last mile connectivity,” he said.