The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has now decided to allow pregnant women to use a separate entrance and exit gates in all the Metro stations.

This move by the BMRCL officials came after several requests from women raising concerns over using the regular gates at the stations. The BMRCL, however, maintains there is nothing dangerous about the regular gates.

In this new move, the pregnant women who are taking the Metro will still have to go through the primary functions such as buying tokens or swiping their Metro card. Although, they will be allowed to enter and exit through the service gates in Metro stations.

According to reports, a large number of women who travel from Rajajinagar, and women using the Trinity station have raised concerns over using the Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates, among other things.

“Women were concerned that these gates would shut abruptly and are likely to hit them,” a source from the Metro addressed Indiatimes.

Other women claimed that the detectors used to check passengers could harm the foetus. “However, the BMRCL uses only metal detectors to monitor passengers which are equipped with sensors and nothing else. As there is no x-ray, there is nothing to be worried about,” a BMRCL official explained.