Bengaluru: Riyaz, a 70-year-old man, who has been earning his living by repairing and selling watches for over 30 years, has claimed that he has been falsely accused of being a terrorist, especially in news channels.

On May 7, security personnel stopped a man when the scanner at the entrance to the Majestic metro station in Bengaluru beeped as he passed through it. Suspecting that he was concealing an object, the official asked him to step aside. However, the man refused to comply and fled the station.

The incident was also captured on CCTV, which was examined by the police after the incident was brought to the notice of Ravi D Channannavar, DCP West.

When Riyaz saw his face on few Kannada news channels, he rushed to the police station with his family members and friends saying that he not a terrorist. He also said after news channel aired his photo projecting him as a terrorist, everyone started thinking of him as a suspect and this could turn out to be a threat to his life.

Following this, he filed a complaint against the news channels for falsely projecting him as a terrorist suspect.

Riyaz said that he wasn't comfortable undergoing the security search so he avoided it. He also said all those who wear a long shirt and grow a beard are not terrorists.