How does it feel like staying in a floating home? Have you ever thought of having a floating villa off the coast of Dubai? You might as well save it up to get your hands on one of these swanky-looking villas in Dubai. A European company will be developing a cluster of islands where they will be building floating villas.


The company has signed a Dh 4.8 billion contract. Kleindienst has announced the appointment of three companies which will design the six artificial islands. These artificial islands will also have hotels and resorts for the tourists as well. This entire project will be name as – ‘The Heart of Europe.’


The centre of this incredible project will be heart-shaped and it will feature floating “seahorse” villas with rooms submerged underwater, white sandy beaches, lagoons, a large infinity pool and lush gardens.


Dubai-based JK Bauen Building Contracting and two Chinese companies, Wuchang Ship Building Industry Group and Sino Great Wall International Engineering, have signed a memorandum of understanding on November 29, 2016.


These three companies have been working actively to get the project rolling.