New Delhi: The prices of petrol and diesel have come down, thanks to decrease in the price of crude oil in the international oil market.

This news has come as a gift to the people gearing up to celebrate Diwali from today. Fuel retailers have reduced petrol price by 11 paise and diesel by 6 paise, today. This week,  petrol and diesel prices have fallen by 21 paise and 17 paise.

There was considerable increase in the rates of fuel in the last month after there were attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. But the prices have come down in India this month. In fact, this month, there has been no record of increase in the petrol, diesel prices.

Here is the list of reduced rates of petrol and diesel in the four cities of India.


Petrol - Rs 73.06

Diesel - Rs 66



Petrol - Rs 78.68

Diesel - Rs 68.31



Petrol - Rs 75.50

Diesel - Rs 68.26



Petrol - Rs 75.87

Diesel - Rs 69.71



Petrol - Rs 75.71

Diesel - Rs 69.24