Overnight with just one announcement high-value currency notes became perfect for making paper boats in what termed as government's surgical strike against black money stashed in cash. One of the major reason for doing this is to drive out fake currency highly circulated in the form of ₹500 and ₹1000 notes. 


In the midst of confusion, surprise, chaos, and uncertainty fake ₹10 denomination coins are slipping in from our neighbour Bangladesh and slowly crowding the market in Kolkata and south Bengal districts. 


According to a senior police officer, these fake coins are coming through Malda border and the coins have a stark difference from the original ₹10 coins. 


However, the alert citizens are refusing to accept and transact through ₹10 coins as confirmed a by trader in central Kolkata. But, at the same time many are left with genuine ₹10 coins that are not being used because of scepticism making the denominated genuine coins worthless. 


Even the commuters are refusing except ₹10 coins from booking counters in Howrah station confirmed a railway operator there. 


Meanwhile, a city is not being able to cope with the change situation as petrol pumps, and railway counters are running short of low-value currencies. Also, for people coming from Bangladesh to Kolkata for medical reasons are facing a tough time with the sudden move.