Now tourism is also likely to take a hit because of demonetisation. It comes as an after-effect of Indian Prime Minister’s historic decision. Foreign tourist arrives in India mostly in November and December. But this year it is unlikely to happen at the same rate like it used to happen in the past as the foreign countries like UK, Australia and Canada have come out with advisories.


The UK, Australia and Canada governments have requested their respective nationals not to receive any denominations higher than ₹100. They have also warned the travellers that they might end up being at the long queues outside the ATMs and banks if they have higher denominations.


The senior vice president of the Indian Association of Tour Operators and joint managing director for Creative tours, Mr. Rajeev Kohli, has requested the Indian government to allow the foreign travellers to exchange their currency with no limits.


Most of the sectors have taken the back seat during this crisis. The tourism sector is also about to join as well.