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Love heels but have pain wearing them? Here are 5 tips to avoid discomfort and blisters

The festive season is here, and many would love to wear heels and complete our look. But sometimes, wearing heels for continuous hours can cause pain and blisters in our feet. Here are some tips you can follow to avoid them. 

Love heels but have pain wearing them? Here are 5 tips to avoid discomfort and blisters sur
First Published Oct 10, 2022, 5:12 PM IST

The Festive Seasons are here, and we women love to wear high heels to get the best look on these special occasions. But sometimes, wearing heels also causes severe pain in the feet, taking away all the excitement of the festive season. Hence, it becomes essential to take special care of our feet while purchasing and wearing heels during this festive season, so it doesn't affect your feet' health. So here are some easy tips to take care of your feet while wearing heels during this festive season.

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Use moisturiser: Moisturizer is a must. It is crucial to apply moisturiser always. It is essential to apply moisturiser to your feet before wearing any high heels. This will help in keeping your feet stable after wearing heels. And it also reduces the possibility of burning and blistering in the feet. 

Select the right size of the heels: Sometimes, if you wear the wrong one, it can also cause pain in your feet and blisters. Therefore, you must choose the right size for your heels and avoid pain. 

Choose platform heels: Most women love to wear pencil heels because of their thin tips, giving them a glamorous look. But these types of heels are comfortable only if you are wearing them for a short time period. But wearing these heels for a long time, it is better to wear platform heels because they have a broad base. This can relieve foot pain and blisters and still get a glamorous look.

Stretch legs: Avoid wearing high heels for continuous hours in a row. You can try to take off your heels and give rest to your feet for some time. You can Stretch your feet from time to time to avoid any pain.

Use moleskin: Moleskin is not only used to line your shoes but can also be used to avoid any rubbing. This miraculous material can also be cut and applied directly over any blisters that you feel are coming on or in problematic areas.

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