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Daily Horoscope for March 24, 2023: Good day for Aquarius; be cautious Sagittarius, Libra

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for March 24, 2023. Continue reading and share with your friends.

Daily Horoscope for March 24 2023 Aquarius Sagittarius Libra Leo Capricorn Virgo gcw
First Published Mar 24, 2023, 12:30 AM IST

Ganesha says
you will get the support of an experienced person, which will end any conflict that has been going on in your mind for some time. Maintain calm and patience in any
adverse situation; do not do any work hastily and carelessly. Students should pay attention to their studies. Care needs to be taken in business activities. At this time, some loss related to money is also likely. Youth will get new employment opportunities, which will boost their confidence. Job professionals should focus more on completing their projects.

Ganesha says
also spend some time in recreational activities. It will maintain mental and physical energy. Long term plans which are being made for some time now. There may be some difficulties and problems financially. But with time you will also get the solution. But it is also necessary to control the expenditure. The youth should not be lazy in achieving their goals. There will be increase in production capacity in business. Circumstances and fate are working in your favour at this time; don't get into arguments with bosses or superiors.

Ganesha says
if there is an idea related to migration, special care must be taken in work, and financial situation will improve after receiving any dues. Consulting a friend will be beneficial. Be busy with your work and don't get interested in useless activities. Any kind of improper work can cause trouble for you. The experience and support of senior family members will be very beneficial for you. Think and evaluate very seriously to speed up business work, expanding the scope of public relations further will lead to progress in your field of work.

Ganesha says
due to the settlement of family disputes that have been going on for some time now, there will be an atmosphere of relaxation and peace in the house. And you will be
able to focus on your personal work don’t trust anyone too soon and keep your own judgment as priority. Haste and over-enthusiasm can also spoil the work done. So work with patience and restraint. In business put your full attention in marketing and promotion of work, take expansion plans seriously.

Ganesha says
this time planetary transit is increasing your work capacity and ability. Meeting with close people will bring happiness in the mind. A travel program will also be made which will be positive. Be balanced and mature. It is not good to be too proud or think yourself superior. Savings related matters are likely to decrease slightly. Don't take any decision in haste. Your time will be spent in maintaining the current arrangement in business. It will also get positive results. So don't start any new work now. Always take the advice of your partner in your work.

Ganesha says
due to your balanced demeanour, there will be proper harmony in every situation, good or bad. Due to which your work will show better results. If any activity related to buying and selling of property is going on, then some work related to it can be done today. Instead of getting angry, try to solve someone's mistake by understanding; there will be concern about the health of senior members of the household. It is necessary to take proper care of them. Evaluate business activities seriously.

Ganesha says
your interest in new projects and activities will increase. New dimensions of progress will also be achieved. If you get any good news from your child, you will be happy.
Confidence can be shaken due to harassment. Don't let laziness get the better of you and pay more attention to your work. For this, resorting to yoga and meditation will benefit you.
Maintain good relations with your colleagues and employees at the place of business. Focus on your tasks instead of wasting your time on useless activities.

Ganesha says
the position of the planets should be positive. Time is very favourable for women. Awareness of tasks will bring them success. The good news of the arrival of the little guest will create an atmosphere of joy in such a family. Bring maturity in your nature. Sometimes your irritation over small things can pollute the home environment. Unnecessary rising expenses will also affect your peace and sleep. Success will be achieved in ongoing competition with nearby businessmen.

Ganesha says
due to your proper work style you will be recognized in the society. And hard work will also yield positive results. If the money is stuck somewhere, hope to return today.
Keep yourself away from other's personal matters. Misunderstanding can lead to a dispute with a close relative. It is also necessary to monitor the activities of children at this time. In
business you will get proper result according to your hard work. Getting interested in illegal work can cause trouble for you.

Ganesha says
due to the rules you have made to maintain order in the family, there will be an orderly and disciplined atmosphere at home. Having a positive environment will make the circumstances favourable. Children may get anxious due to any negative activity. But your understanding will bring about a positive change in their behaviour. 

Ganesha says
tasks that have been stuck for some time can be solved easily. Try to settle the matter peacefully instead of just being in a hurry. Meeting with special people will be beneficial. Arrogance and overconfidence can cause harm. It would be better to follow the advice and guidance of the senior members of the household. There will be new business agreements and benefits. It is necessary to think once again while taking loans related to business activities.

Ganesha says
special information will be received through contacts, which will prove to be beneficial. Financial condition will be good. Spending time with loved ones will bring happiness. Action will also be started regarding children going abroad. Keep yourself away from controversy. Some opponents will try to dominate. But don't worry, nothing will harm you. But sometimes your fierce nature will cause trouble for you. There will be speed in the stalled work of business.

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