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7 habits that decreases your lifespan

ways to shorten lifespan
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Ageing is inevitable, but did you know that your lifestyle decisions can determine your life span?  A healthy life can help you not only slow down ageing signs but also help you lead a healthy life for years to come. Here are seven surprising habits that steal years from you.



1. Cigarette smoke   


ways to shorten lifespan


Whether you smoke or not, even spending time with someone who smokes is damaging to one's skin. Exposure to cigarette smoke leads to dryness and increased wrinkles. The smoke will deplete Vitamin C, which is key to maintaining the moisture in the skin. It will also activate enzymes that will break down your skin's elasticity.


2. Staying up late   


ways to shorten lifespan


Getting enough sleep is good for one's health because little or loss of sleep can result in a host of issues such as: weight gain, sallow skin, decreased focus, impaired immune system and memory loss. Ideally, an adult should get eight to nine hours of sleep every night.


3. Holding on to grudges



ways to shorten lifespan


Anger is not good and may add years to your body and face. Several studies have found that forgiveness will help you to stay healthy for long. Holding onto anger and harbouring grudges only increases one's stress, which then leads to the production of cortisol in your body. Cortisol contributes to an increase in blood pressure, weight gain and increased blood sugar, thus significantly reducing your lifespan.


4. Being a couch potato 


ways to shorten lifespan


Exercise is as important as eating healthy food. Sedentary life contributes to ageing. Physical activities increase the blood flow and help you have a healthy and toned body, and curb several lifestyle diseases and even heart disease. Daily exercise leads to an increased production of beneficial hormones like testosterone.


5. Too much sugar intake 


ways to shorten lifespan

A diet high in sugar can lead to a host of health issues, including diabetes, obesity and heart disease. It is said to increase wrinkles, and your skin tends to lose its elasticity, which causes sagging. The sugar you add to your daily intake of tea and coffee may take years off your life.


6. Don't rub it in    


ways to shorten lifespan

Rubbing your eyes can be satisfying, but it is not good in the long run as the skin around your eyes are sensitive.  Rubbing it will rupture the blood vessels in this area leading to puffy eyes, dark circles, drooping eyelids and premature crow's feet - are all signs of premature ageing.




7. Alcoholism 



ways to shorten lifespan

Alcohol increases the blood flow near the surface of skin damaging blood vessels over time.  It can also cause heart failure, liver cirrhosis, weight gain, high blood pressure and even cancer.

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