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7 things every person who wears glasses knows to be true

  • These are the struggles that all spectacle wearers face
spectacle wearers dilemma


You will save your glasses in a heartbeat:  Consider this scenario; you’re walking up the stairs, or on the ground, or an errant wave decides to knock you from behind, the first thing you will do, is to hold on to your glasses for dear life; fractured limbs and broken skulls be damned.


Buying frames is like a Herculean task:  Long-sighted or short-sighted, buying frames is a Herculean task, especially if you want to change your frames from the last time. The one’s that you like don’t suit you, or are not available in your size. After much hunting, you give up and fall back to square one and buy a similar pair like the last time.


Extreme temperatures are our bane of our existence:  Moving from cold to hot or vice versa, makes your glasses instantly fog up. Happen to be out in the rain? Then, you’ll really wish your glasses came with its set of personalised wipers because you clearly can’t use your damp tee to clean your lenses, let alone if you happen to wear chiffon or wool to clean your glasses. Ergo, damn if you do, damn if you don’t.


spectacle wearers dilemma


Your life falls apart your glasses go missing: You could’ve sworn you left your glasses right there when you search your surroundings frantically for your spectacles that have gone rogue. You basically ask nay strike that, shout at your friends and family to help you search for them, and get livid when they laugh at your misery.


Glasses on glasses:  Going for 3D movies involves wearing your 3D glasses over your regular glasses. Going for a swim with your glasses on often attracts weird looks and comments. 


Napping with glasses:  Grabbing 40 winks involve taking your glasses because, well, you don’t exactly have a choice, now, do you?


All hail our precious indentations: As someone once said, “stretch marks are the blueprints of the soul”, so it is with wearing spectacles for life. Those precious indentations that dot the either side of your nose, the sides of your face, and ears are your personal marks for life.

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