Wouldn’t you love it if you could work out with your friends? Stanford University’s recent study showed that a little social support increased the amount of exercise by a whooping 78 per cent. Keeping this in mind, Reebok master trainer, Kompal Gaur has designed the ‘buddy workout routine’ that you can use as your exercise regime.

So grab your buddy and let's get started.

We all want that perfect bottom and a strong lower abdomen and squatting is the way to go. In a pair of two or more, start with doing squats holding your hands. Increase the ‘buddy’ level of strain by squatting from one hand with the hand overhead, this can be done eight to ten times. Switch between types of squats with one using the wall as a back rest while the other doing free squats with a minimum of sixteen reps.

No workout is complete without building on the back muscles. Begin with performing the push ups facing each other and doing a high five in between.

A fun variation of this is one doing push ups position and the other holding your legs. Do one push up and move four steps forward with a little push from your companion. Do two push ups and move back to repeat this five times.

Planks are the ultimate test of stamina and strength and are highly recommended for a taut stomach.

Encourage friends to perform sets of five and sixteen with alternate high fives in between. You can also plank facing the other and hold each other’s opposite arm for five seconds. Make it more competitive by challenging your friend to a plank off.

Flex your muscles with triceps dips on the bench or chair while your friend adds resistance by pushing down on your shoulders. Do a set of twelve and then repeat.

There are many such workout routines you can do with your companion. Working out together also helps is building a stronger relationship with your friends.  So what are you waiting for? buddy up and get fit!


This article appeared in The Indigo XP a concern of Asianet News Media and Entertainment Pvt Ltd.