1. Blood Clams:   

Often had in Southeast Asia, particularly China, blood clams sounds exactly what you think of it. These clams are often enveloped in their own blood thanks to its high haemoglobin level, which are a swirling mass of viruses and bacteria including Hepatitis and dysentery. It’s eaten once it’s boiled as is, or you can steam it in a broth of wine or any other liquid of your choice.



2. Star Fruit:  


Found around the globe, this innocent-looking fruit is highly dangerous contains some deadly neurotoxins that are fatal for those with kidney problems only.    It is said to affect the nerves and brains. If you don’t have kidney issues, you can have it because your body will do the needful and flush out the toxins.


3. Tapioca:


Bet you were not aware that tapioca has cyanide in it. It’s true. When it is not soaked and dried appropriately, that’s when things gets dangerous. So ensure that you clean your vegetables well. Usually served as steamed or mashed like potatoes dish.


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4. Fugu:

On the surface, it looks rather harmless, but in fact is one of the deadliest animals around. When threatened, they blow or puff up to ward off potential predators. It has enough toxin in it to kill around 30 adults. And yet, it is a Japanese delicacy only to be served by chefs who have specialised and trained for years. It’s often had as sashmi.

5. Casu Marzu:   
This Italian delicacy is a Sardenian tradition. Casu Marzu when translated is called putrid cheese. And for good reason; this sheep milk cheese (pecirino cheese) is deliberately infused with maggot larvae after three weeks. This leads to the cheese becoming soft and sometimes liquidy from the maggots digestive process that breaks cheese fats, and gives it a unique taste. It is dangerous to eat the cheese if you see dead maggots, hence only the portion of the cheese is eaten where there are live maggots. It is also seen as an aphrodisiac.



 6. Pangium edule:


Native to Indonesia, it is very deadly nut if not cleaned properly. To make it edible, it is boiled and buried in ash for a little over a month.


7. Bull Frog:


A Namimbian delicacy, bull frogs are consumed as a whole, usually on special occasions. However, a young bull frog that is yet to mate has a deadly toxin that causes grave kidney failures.