This enchanting video will certainly cause you to take a break from work and drink in the flavours that Kerala has to offer.


Every aspect of the state from tradition to modernity seamlessly mingles in a view that strongly indicates what define a Malayalee essentially. It shows what the state proudly carries within itself – the time when Kerala rubbed shoulders with great explorers, its religious diversity, the arts, the culture, the sights, the sounds...oh! and the list goes on.


The video is a visual treat, not one which is slide of photographs but as something seen from a Reading Room with View. For those of us living outside the state, it certainly feels like a nostalgic trip.


This Kerala Tourism film was conceived and scripted by Stark Communications  and directed by Sameer Thahir. And it has been described as a tribute to a land where myriad shades of cultures seep into each other, contrasting ideas converse in reading rooms and diverse beliefs walk side by side on vibrant streets.  #liveinspired




The Malayalee’s love for Kurosowa, the pride we take in the elephant, our biggest boast – our snake boat races all interwined with music and snippets from a Keralaite’s favourite pastime listening to the news on the Radio.