Krishna Kumaran Nair was arrested for posting a life-threatening video on Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in an FB live on June 5. He was caught while returning to Delhi airport from Abu Dhabi airport. 

Krishna Kumaran is a resident of Kothamangalam, who had posted an FB live video from Abu Dhabi calling himself as an ardent RSS activist. Apart from publishing a life threat, he also criticised the CM of his religion and verbally abused CM Pinarayi Vijayan.

Not only the CM but minister K M Mani also had become the victim of his abuse. Kerala police have filed a case against him.

When the live video went viral, Krishna Kumaran got scared of the circumstances he was going to face. So immediately he went live on FB again and with apologies, he tried to justify his act and said that he was drunk when he produced the first video.

Krishna Kumaran Nair was serving as a rigging supervisor in an Abu Dhabi-based oil firm. Following these events, the organisation removed him from the job.

Later he said that he was ready for any punishment and was returning to India. The Delhi police were informed that he was coming via Delhi Airport and they arrested him on June 18 (Monday) on his arrival.