Poonjar MLA P C George has once again come in support of actor Dileep, who was arrested on charges of an alleged role in the conspiracy that led to the attack and abuse of Kerala actress in a moving car. The legislator has put the blame on Manju Warrier, the former wife of Dileep, and alleges that she has trapped him to take revenge. 

In an interview given to an online portal, George said that he wanted to produce Dileep before the public and to establish that the actor is innocent. The politician also said that he had arranged for a lawyer to fight for Dileep's release from jail in case Kerala High Court had not granted him bail once again.

However, George said that had not discussed his plans with the actor.

Explaining the achievements of Dileep, George wondered what offence was committed by the actor. It is said that a man named Suni attacked and abused the actress. Police arrested Dileep on this behalf. Why did advocates approach High Court for bail soon after the actor got arrested? Police are submitting various reports in the court. I had found one report among them and in it is was written that the actress was abused in a manner worse than 'Nirbhaya.' How absurd are such comments, he asked?  

He once again questioned how the actress, who was attacked and abused, got to work just three days after the incident.

"She is trying to make benefit from the situation. When the police case comes to trial, the actress will have to explain how she was abused in a worse manner than 'Nirbhaya.' This will help Pulsar Suni to escape from the case. I think the police is playing a game to save Suni," he said. 

The MLA also said that Dileep has been trying to talk to him since the day he got out on bail. However, he did not talk to him in spite his son requested him to speak to the actor. 

But later he can be heard saying that Nadirshah had called him at 2 am the day Dileep got bail. He said Dileep couldn't sleep and wants to speak to me. It was only then I talked to him, and the actor cried over the phone.

These statements are contradictory and if George is to be believed he had talked to Dileep on the day the actor got out on bail. 

George also accused Manju Warrier of being a hard-hearted woman who is taking revenge. He asked why Meenakshi is staying with Dileep and is not ready to go with her mother. He also alleged that ADGP Sandhya is leading probe against the actor and said that the IPS officer has an illicit relationship with Manju Warrier. 

The Poonjar MLA also said that the son of a politician who is mad for cinema is also involved in the moves against Dileep.