BJP state president for BJP has still not been elected even though the previous president Kummanam took charge of Mizoram Governor on May 25. The Chengannur by-election results have left the state BJP worried as the results were not as expected. 

The Centre has asked the party to decide on the new president for the party in the state. But the state has not finalised any name for the post. There are conflicts between BJP and RSS  members as both are not happy with the names being proposed for the coveted post. 

The state leadership had decided to appoint state General Secretary K Surendran as the state president. But, RSS informed Amit Shah that they will not accept him as the BJP president. Following this, Amit Shah sent three national leaders to resolve the issue in the Kerala BJP.

The central leadership has considered the name of PS Sreedharan Pillai along with K Surendran and AN Radhakrishnan for the post of state president, but BJP is not able to take a stand as the choices are being opposed by the RSS.