Scores of teens gathered at an Anganwadi with a single objective that they wanted to enjoy their childhood. None of them wanted to get married before they reached adulthood. 

Finally, they took the decision to join the campaign against child marriages. The girls, mostly Muslims, not only pledged to guard themselves against early marriage but also to spread awareness on ill-effects of child marriages. 

More than 100 girls from Kalikavu, in Malappuram, joined hands to fight against child marriage. The gathering was organised by District Child Protection Unit after it was found that the practice is very common in the area. 

Court intervention helped to prevent as many as 26 marriages in Kalikavu block since April this year. Apart from this, child marriage prevention officer alone has stopped four marriages in last two months, The Hindu reports. 

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Usually, weddings are held during May and April months, when the schools are closed for summer holidays. This prevents girls from seeking the help of school authorities or Child Protection Authorities. However, recently, girls are showing some courage and are searching for all possible measures to escape from this. In April, an alert from a girl had helped authorities stop the marriage of 16 teenage girls. 

Efforts of Child Protection Council, social workers and teachers have started to show results. The authorities are trying various means including counselling, classes, notices and even showing films to spread awareness among the community as well as girls.