The degree student Jesna from Pathanamthitta, who is reported to be missing, was allegedly found in Malappuram with her friend. Police began the investigation in Malappuram.


According to the reports, Jesna was believed to be found with another girl from 11 am to 8 pm yesterday (June 21). Both of them came to the Kottakunnu park with large bags and were apparently talking for hours. She was found to be wearing a kurta, jeans and dupatta. The staff of the park seemed to have doubts about the fact that it was Jesna. So he informed the matter to the police.


Police first tried to recover the CCTV visuals. Jesna came to the KSRTC stand and then took an auto to the Kottakunnu park. 


Earlier, the Kerala high court had asked the police about what is the use of searching in the forests without proper evidence. The court's criticism came after Jesna's brother James filed a petition seeking Jesna's case to be handed over to CBI. HC issued a notice to CBI regarding this. 


The case will be considered again on July 4. The government informed the court that the investigation is underway and the inquiry is in progress. At the same time, the police checked Jesna's father's construction centre with scanning machines. But no evidence was found there.