The probe team will question the owners and employees of all private boats which were at the Ernakulam and High Court boat jetties on March 5. 


According to reports, an international luxury cruise was harboured in Kochi the day Mishel went missing, and Shaji Varghese suspects if his daughter could have fallen prey to a group that supplies women to foreign tourists.


Shaji doubts if Mishel was lured away on a boat by someone she knew, and dumped into the lake later when she protested.


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However, according to Mishel's post-mortem report, there were no injuries or signs of a struggle on her body. Also, the chances of anyone pulling off an abduction in an area patrolled by the CISF are less. But the Crime Branch will probe the possibility since Shaji has raised the doubt.


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Meanwhile, Shaji also informed the probe team that he doubts whether the girl who is seen walking to the Goshree bridge in the CCTV footage is Mishel. Though he has identified the girl who is seen leaving the church as his daughter, he is not sure if the girl in the other videos  is her.


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Mishel, who left her hostel on March 5 to attend the evening mass at Kaloor church, was found dead in the Kochi lake the next day.