Beverage Corporation has decided to destroy one and a half lakh litre of Indian-made foreign liquor, which is wroth at least Rs 15 crore. During the UDF regime, illegal liquor was seized during raids on the bars, and later the bars were closed down. 

So Kerala Government and Beverage Corporation concluded that they would destroy one and a half litres of alcohol. The seized alcohol was kept aside for two years now. The Beverages Corporation has now stated that the alcohol is not fit for consumption and decided to go ahead with the proceedings of destroying it as the tax department has given permission.

There was a dispute between the government and the Beverages Corporation and seized alcohol was not rotated nor destroyed. Now, the government has also received intelligence reports that the seized alcohol is not safe. 

Currently, alcohol is kept in 23 storehouses belonging to the Beverages Corporation. The whiskey, brandy, rum, beer, wine and 50 more brands of liquor is going to be destroyed. The Beverages Corporation said the empty bottles would be sold later. This is the first time the state has decided to take such a measure.

The stock will be transported to Travancore Sugars and Chemicals in Thiruvalla Pulikkal under the Beverages Corporation, and the alcohol will be emptied and the bottles will be sent back. The alcohol will be deposited in large pits dug up for the purpose. People have been deployed to do this job. Excise officials will make sure that there is no discrepancy in implementing the measure.