'I will be Kevin's wife till my death' says Neenu Chacko. Neenu reached Kevin's home with her father-in-law. Neenu broke down on seeing Kevin's body. Kevin's friends and relatives too gathered in large numbers in Kevin's house to get the last glimpse of Kevin, who was brutally killed in the name of family honour. 

Though it was hartal in Kottayam, a massive number of people came to pay their homage. The funeral ceremony will be held at 3 PM today (May 29) at the cemetery in Good Shepherd Church in Kottayam. 

Neenu also spoke out about her experience in the police station. She alleged that the sub-inspector was not helping her, and he also insisted her to return to her parents. The police started their inquiry only after the magistrate forced police to speed up the case investigation.


Neenu alleged that her parents had killed her husband. Neenu also said that her parents were not happy with Kevin's financial background and she left her home when her parents were not ready to get her married to Kevin and instead were forcing her to get married to someone else. Neenu also said she couldn't believe that her brother killed Kevin. 

Neenu also said she would stay at Kevin's house and take care of his parents and sister. She also stressed that she won't return to her home even if they request her to return.

The search for Neenu's brother Shanu Chacko, who is one of the accused, is still going on. There are 14 accused in the case, and Neenu's father was also named as an accused.