BJP National President Amit Shah has promised to take action against his party leaders in Kerala after receiving several complaints against them.


Several BJP activists in Kerala are upset with their party leaders in the state and have written to Amit Shah on his Facebook page.


Amit Shah has received complaints via the social media platform. Muralidhar Rao, who is in charge of the state, sought information on what is going on in Kerala and reported to Amit Shah.


The party president evaluated the situation in the state and said he would take action against the leaders without any hesitation if they are found guilty of any wrongdoing.


One of the complaints claimed that the state leaders didn't do anything in their party activist Lasitha Palakkal’s case.


The posts on Amit Shah’s Facebook page were both in English and Malayalam. According to latest reports, Amit Shah has appointed a Hindi translator to know what was written in Malayalam. 


BJP activists have complained against leaders V Muraleedharan and PK Krishna Das. Muraleedharan, in a Facebook post, had supported an actress, who was attacked last year in Kochi. However, Muraleedharan did not back its own party’s Lasitha Palakkal. This has angered the party activists and they decided to complain to Amit Shah.