Women's Day: Free food in Indira Canteen in Bengaluru today

First Published 8, Mar 2018, 12:08 PM IST
Womens Day Free food in Indira Canteen in Bengaluru today
  • Karnataka government offering free food to the poor on the occasion of Women's Day in Indira Canteens
  • This offer is limited to Bengaluru and was launched by city's Mayor R Sampathraj
  • Here are the details of the changed menu in Indira Canteen

The Karnataka government has given a gift to the poor on the occasion of Women's day by organising free food for women in Bengaluru at all Indira Canteens.

The Mayor RR Sampathraj has made an announcement in this regard and said that today breakfast, lunch and dinner for the people from economically backward classes are free of cost.

It can be noted that though Indira Canteens started with a simple menu of rice - sambar, idli-chutney and Upma, the government food outlet now provides palak idli, thatte idli, sheera for breakfast and peas pulav, payasam, sabudana kheer, korma, and potato pulav for lunch and dinner.

According to the menu for breakfast in Indira Canteen, one gets Idli and pongal on Monday, palak idli and peas poha on Tuesday, idli and bisibelebath on Wednesday, idli and vangibath on Thursday, thatte idli and bisibelebath on Friday, idli and vegetable pulav on Saturday and upma-sheera on Sunday.

There are over 150 canteens in Bengaluru, and the number will soon be increased to 198, say authorities. Indira canteens are said to be serving at least 2,00,000 meals a day.