The vice-chancellor visits the hostel usually in the evening after his jogging. He would be in his track suit and it is weird to see him at the hostel, reports Bangalore Mirror quoting a student.


"Most of the times we are caught unawares by his visit. It is embarrassing for us as we would be in our casual dress. He even tries to kick-up conversation with us on irrelevant topics," said another girl, reports Vijay Karnataka.


The brazenness of the acting vice-chancellor does not end here. Despite clear direction for not installing fans in the hostel, the acting vice-chancellor allegedly installed fans in 12 rooms of girls hostel.


Fans are not allowed in hostel as they are the most used to commit suicide and the varsity has refused to install fans. But without allegedly obtaining no clerance certificate from any of the authorities, acting VC allegedly arranged for installation of fans in 12 rooms. This special treatment to only 12 rooms has now raised suspicion among the student community.


Following complaints by the hostel inmates, the registrar R Rajanna has written to Higher Education Minister Basavaraj Rayareddy.


In fact, Dayanand Mane then head of the department of public administration was charged with sexual assault on a research scholar in 2015. Following complaints, the then vice-chancellor Prof K Rangappa had initiated a probe into these allegations.