After claiming that he was neither a leader nor a politician but a worker willing to strive for the betterment of the society, Sandalwood's 'Real Star' Upendra is launching his political party on October 31.

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It may be recalled here that a few months ago, Upendra had claimed that he had felt the need to "make changes in the society", hence he was launching a platform. Even when the media persons had insisted whether it was a political party, Upendra had remained inconclusive. Instead, he had just said that it would be called 'Prajakeeya' 'Prajakarana'. However, now he is officially making his forum a political party that may face elections in the coming days. 



Ever since he announced his 'Prajakeeya' forum, the responses have been overwhelming for the Sandalwood star. He has been deliberating on various issues plaguing the society and on many occasions, has consulted the experts to evolve measures to address them. It was evident from his twitter account from where he had been posting his meeting with various experts in an attempt to address the issues.

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Upendra had even earlier asked his fans and anyone willing to join his forum to list out the issues that were troubling them along with their suggestions to address them. His twitter account was flooded with messages and Upendra has consolidated these suggestions that have reportedly helped him to draft his new party's objectives.

On Tuesday, Upendra will announce his new political party and will also share his party's objectives and its agenda for the upcoming elections at Gandhi Bhavan in Shivananda Circle.

Interestingly, the State will see yet another new political party, to be launched by former DySP Anupama Shenoy.