The Horticulture Department has decided to reconstruct the historical Krumbigal Hall in Lal Bagh built in 1860 and use it for horticulture research, reported Kannada Prabha.

The Horticulture Department officials held a meeting with Archaeology Department officers on Thursday discussing how to restore or reconstruct the historical Krumbigal Hall in Lal Bagh. It has been decided to reconstruct the hall.

The meeting held at Lal Bagh Commissioner’s office. The archaeological experts said the building could not be restored as the walls are completely destroyed due to weather ravage. Almost 90 per cent of the building is crumbling. Hence a new building in the same style has to be reconstructed, informed horticulture officials.

The Krumbigal Hall will not be a museum as rumoured but will be used as a horticulture research centre, as it was utilised originally, informed Horticulture Department Commissioner Prabhash Chandra to Kannada Prabha.

Horticulture Department joint director Jagadish said in view of the crumbling condition of Krumbigal hall INTACH and PWD Departments were consulted and their reports have been procured for reconstruction. The project will cost Rs 1.5 crore.

The Krumbigal Hall was constructed in 1860. Built at a 25-30 sq ft it was a decorative building meant to be used for training students and researchers in horticulture.  It was named after Gustav Herman Krumbigal for his contribution to horticulture field. On the 150th anniversary of Krumbigal the Horticulture Department had decided to renovate it but in recent times it was further crumbling. Krumbigal’s 152nd birth anniversary is on Dec 18.  The officials have decided to complete the reconstruction by then.  Prabashchandra Ray, Horticulture Commissioner said the archaeology department has been instructed to submit a report within 3 weeks.