The date of election for the BBMP Standing Committee is fast approaching but the Congress has not yet finalised the name for the president, reported Kannada Prabha.

The current Standing Committee term will came to an end on October 20 and the on November 10 new members will be selected. The JD(S) has finalised the names but Congress is in confusion. The number of aspirants for president’s post is increasing making it tough for the leaders. A meeting will be organised on Wednesday or Thursday presided by KPSC executive president Dinesh Gundu Rao and the candidate for president for Standing Committee will be finalised.

In Congress for the four posts of Standing Committee 40 aspirants are trying, which has become a tough task for Congress leaders. BBMP members Lavanya Ganesh, Soumya Shivakumar, Anjanappa, Velu Naikar, G Krishnamurthy, Zakir Hussain, Keshavamurthy and others in the forefront but daily a member is submitting that he is an aspirant.

Moreover, the Congress and JD(S) confusion with regard to division of Standing Committee is not yet settled. The Congress that was saying all this while Tax and Finance Standing Committee would be given up to JD(S) is now asking JD(S) to give it up to Congress. However, JD(S) has very clearly stated that it will not give up Tax and finance to Congress. Also out of the 12 Standing Committees Congress has not yet decided how many it will give to JD(S).